About EASA

We are a scouting agency focused on recruiting those who have a passion for soccer

At EASA, we scout and develop a student’s athletic talent in a structured training environment. The aim is to get recruited by reputable USA colleges and receive potential scholarships to play college soccer, whilst studying towards a bachelor’s degree.

Built for the modern student-athlete, our practices have been designed on what will drive results in player growth and US college placement. Each student will go through our 3-step process which will prepare them for their college integration.

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College Scholarships

EASA creates a gateway into USA colleges for aspiring Australian athletes to pursue both education and sport, without sacrificing one over the other. With our practical approach, we connect athletes to their very own college coaches through one of our three major university leagues.

Our aim is to provide training, personal development, and support in a way that will enable students to reach their full potential. EASA takes pride in providing proactive and innovative support on a personal level to create the perfect environment in order for student-athletes to succeed. 

Signing on with EASA means you will be working with a structured program that aims to get you onto a potential college scholarship. If you’re hoping to live that all American dream, playing a sport you love – EASA will get you there.  

Please note: Colleges are not permitted to offer any athletic scholarships. However, most colleges are able to award academic scholarships depending on the athletes academic ability.

The National College Athletics Association (NCAA) is the most prestigious and well known college sports organization in the USA. NCAA Division I is extremely competitive and registers approximately 500,000 student-athletes annually. In order to play regularly on a Division I team, student- athletes must possess outstanding ability within their sport. However, due to the highly competitive nature, students can potentially receive up to a 100% scholarship to cover college costs.

NCAA Division II is similar in competition and the reputable nature of Division I institutions. Student-athletes are still eligible for maximum financial scholarship opportunities, however Division II colleges generally have lower budgets which makes full-ride scholarship opportunities slightly harder to obtain.

NCAA Division III accounts for smaller public and private based institutions. Competitive standards tend to be lower than the other two divisions as the supply for athletic scholarship opportunities are uncommon in this division. While you won’t be able to gain an athletic scholarship at the Division III level, you might be able to obtain an academic scholarship which can greatly help in offsetting college costs.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes (NAIA) mostly comprises smaller private universities. The athletic and academic standards aren’t as high compared with the NCAA, and there are fewer rules regarding foreign athletes. This makes the NAIA a great platform for international athletes seeking scholarship opportunities. Despite lower athletic standards, it is not a reflection of NAIA's competitive nature - in fact, NAIA Division I can be compared to NCAA Division II.

The National Junior College Athletic Association is made up of 2-year community colleges. These community colleges are small, and have very few academic requirements for acceptance. As opposed to large NCAA universities, community colleges are a more affordable alternative, and many students in the US choose to attend community colleges before transferring their course credits over to a larger university later on. NJCAA holds lower competitive standards compared to the NCAA and NAIA. Many athletes pursue the NJCAA pathway to improve their abilities before transferring to a higher division. Colleges may grant full athletic scholarships for this division.

Similar to division I, NJCAA division III can provide endless amounts of opportunities. Despite the division being the third in the association, it still attracts highly talented student-athletes including youth academy players that have recently been released from their club and are now looking for fresh avenues.   




Our process is simple, yet effective. The duration of the entire program depends on the person’s current situation, however, we highly recommend that future students consider starting the process at least 10-24 months in advance.


With our unique approach to player marketing we get you in touch with reputable USA college coaches.


With your ambitions and preferences, we will work with you to decide on the college that is best suited to you. 


Start a once in a lifetime experience. We will continue to support and guide you throughout your college career. The adventure doesn’t end here. That’s the EASA way.



EASA works with our student-athletes in ensuring that each step will bring them closer to their final college placement and American league plays. Through each of our 3 phrases during the process, EASA will provide services which include, but are not limited to: 

  • strategy
    Planning and development for competitive advantage.
  • Player Profile and Monitoring
    Create an effective profile that will ultimately bring awareness to college coaches. Inclusion of video footage/editing, academics and athletic monitoring.
  • Scholarship
    Effectively negotiate athletic and academic scholarships where applicable.
  • Game and Performance Analysis
    Coaches are available to analyze game footage online and performance by collecting valuable data through PLAYR SmartCoach.
  • Testing, Admissions and Applications Guidance
    SAT/ACT/TOEFL support and guidance. Our team will walk you through each form application for admission into college.

EASA has also added a unique dimension to the US college recruiting process.

Being an agency that thrives on personal development, we now offer EASA Academy. Our academy provides students with the opportunity to improve their soccer ability through tailored customized sessions and programs that ultimately prepare them for the athletic demands of a college soccer player.

meet our players

The Journey of Charlie Betts Jnr.

Club: Bayswater FC NPL

College: Milligan University

Charlie Betts was Western Australia’s most prominent player. He first joined EASA back in 2019 due to the lack of opportunities in Australian soccer. During this time, Charlie earned several achievements including

  • U20 Top Goal Scorer
  • U20 National Premier League Player of the Year.

Charlie gained the attention from top college programs in the USA and received a number of scholarship offers. After carefully assessing the opportunities, Charlie decided to sign for Milligan University, based in Tennessee.

The Journey of Courtney Butlion

Club: Fremantle SC 

College: Eastern Florida State

EASA first started working with Courtney and her family in the early months of 2019. After recovering from a wrist injury, Courtney was seeking a company that could restore her confidence, help her progress, and most importantly, manage the American college process. Prior to signing on with EASA, Courtney worked with another recruitment company who weren’t able to deliver. EASA worked diligently to help drive awareness and create hype around Courtney’s progress and skillset. 

After weighing out the different offers, Courtney signed a full scholarship for Eastern Florida State College – a college that is ranked 2nd in the nation.

The Journey of Futa Kubo

Club: Southside Comets SC

College: Louisiana State University

Futa Kubo, a Cairns native, was EASA’s first athlete to venture out to the United States. Although he was a youngster at his local club, he certainly made a name for himself by securing a starting spot in their premier league team. 

Futa’s flair, speed, coachability, and strong academics meant he would be a perfect prospect. An action plan was put together, and we decided as a collective that community college would be a great starting point to allow Futa to develop his skills. Fast forward to today, Futa has since received multiple four-year college program offers. EASA had the pleasure of assisting Futa in the college transfer process with his chosen institution. 

We are pleased to say that Futa chose to attend Louisiana State University in Shreveport on a scholarship.

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