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Two guys, one shared passion

Brainstorming ideas in a New York dorm room, ex-college teammates Gerald Tan and Nathan Paull wanted to create a unique and exciting opportunity for ambitious athletes. In 2017, they launched Elite Athletes Scouting Agency.

EASA creates a pathway into US colleges for aspiring athletes to pursue opportunities that don’t require them to sacrifice education at the expense of athletic pursuits. With a practical approach in connecting athletes to college coaches, the aim is to provide training, personal development, and support in a way that will enable students to gain admission into an American university to play soccer, whilst obtaining a degree. 


One shared passion that becomes a reality

Since their early days of college, Gerald and Nathan have always had the passion of helping other student-athletes seek college institutions. With the lack of support from the agency they went through, the guys took it upon themselves to learn the craft of college-athlete recruiting. From editing their own highlights and other student highlight videos, to creating a strong network with various colleges, Gerald and Nathan saw great potential in what they were doing.

Fast forward to today — EASA now works with some of the most reputable universities across the United States assisting college coaches with student-athlete scouting. Since its inception, EASA’s manifesto has remained intact. Helping athletes grow, having the privilege of witnessing student-athletes flourish on the pitch and in the classroom; whilst becoming recognised by top college soccer coaches. It’s all bigger than what they could have possibly dreamed of.

Gerald and Nathan believe in going above and beyond the norm. By establishing a unique proposition, EASA is on a mission to be the best college athlete scouting agency in the world.

EASA seeks to provide students with the opportunity to play the sport they love whilst studying

The aim is to be recognised and recruited by reputable American universities through potential scholarship grants. EASA strives to provide superior quality services that students would recommend to family and friends; that coaches would prefer for their college leagues; that employees are proud of; and that partners would seek for long-term partnerships.

our vision

Between now and the next 15 years, we want to ensure that students have all the assistance in building a foundation that will set them up for life. The vision is simple: an EASA athlete excelling in the classroom, pitch, and in all facets of life. 

Aside from their own personal growth, EASA envisions and hopes that their athletes will have a positive impact within society one day.

If an opportunity does not exist, create it. If an idea does not exist, create it. Do not wait.


There’s a few reasons why you should kickoff with EASA

Personal, personal development

We believe in strong personal development. Meaning growth and development maintained on a personal level. No system and structure that makes you feel like a number, or that you’re next in line to be shaped and moulded. We will be working directly with you during your journey to becoming a thriving college athlete. 

Incredible support system

EASA offers student-athletes a chance at experiencing an incredible support system that allows for potential players to be college ready. The one thing that is lacking with other college programs is the negligence of a student’s journey to college soccer. From strategic development, to testing guidance and admission, EASA withstands all the heat in order to walk alongside you the entire way. You will not be alone in this.

Player commitment

We love to see it. The success of our student-athletes is what encourages us to keep doing what we do. Player commitment matters to us because at the end of the day, it isn’t just about the game  — it’s about the player. This is why it’s important for us to work with you on a mental level, identifying factors of human thought; on and off pitch.

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