Ethan Pangilinan

Date of Birth


Current Club Team

Perth Glory FC (A-League Academy)

Enrolment Class

Ethan Pangilinan is perhaps the most naturally talented player of his generation. Ethan is a physically strong defender who has impressed at youth level. The young central defender has made appearances for U23 Perth Glory and did not look unmatched.

Despite starting his soccer career in 2016, Ethan has picked up the sport rapidly fast and continues to dominate in his position each season. Ethan is composed on the ball, a great reader of the game and is capable of shutting down threatening attacks. Additionally, he is equally comfortable playing on the right or the left and has the ability to beat someone in their game if he has to.

He has all the potential to be an NCAA division 1 or A-League centre-back in the future. Ethan is a complete player who will be one to keep an eye on in the years to come.
Height Weight Preferred Foot
5ft 8"
121 lbs
Top Distance
Top Speed
Sprint Distance

Player History


Chisholm Catholic College

Average Grade


Playing History

Bayswater NPL U12






82 games


I’m the type of person who would try to balance my studies and soccer, as I know that my education is very important. I am a very coachable player and I have been told by them that I love to learn new things and improve as an individual. When I’m not doing anything at home, I would go to a local park and train by myself and work on my fitness. I need to improve on distribution, ball control, dribbling etc.

If I got offered into a US college I would love to study Sports Science, Engineering or Architecture. I can provide leadership, intensity and encouragement as I would love to help the team develop together and improve the team chemistry.

If I could have coffee with one influential person, it would definitely be Cristiano Ronaldo because I just love how hard working he is, and I love his passion for the game. In my opinion, Ronaldo is the most hard working person I’ve ever seen. I also love the fact that he is mentally tough, as I know that most sports is a mental game. I’ve also studied that being mentally tough is very important and that it is very powerful. If I could ask one question it would be “What advice would you give to young footballers besides from just enjoying the game and having fun?”

I would choose Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. All these athletes have something in common and it’s their mindset. I just love how the mind works.

I lift myself up during pressured situations by taking deep breaths, staying calm, and trying to get into ‘the zone’ by blocking out everyone and every noise that’s surrounding me.

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