Jared Lee

Date of Birth


Current Club Team

Balcatta FC U20

Enrolment Class

Jared Lee has established himself as an elegant midfielder who has displayed an impressive work ethic. Jared is a versatile midfielder who can play in an attacking or defensive role. His ability to pick out a key pass and provide opportunistic chances is evident in his most current highlight reel. The young midfielder’s strength makes him a more superior player even when up against solid opponents.

Jared takes criticism well and is always willing to improve his craft. With the right guidance from knowledgeable coaches, Jared has the potential to evolve into a top tier player. As well as being an intelligent soccer player, Jared is also an academic and understands the importance of balancing soccer and education, which makes him a perfect candidate for a successful student-athlete.
Height Weight Preferred Foot
5ft 9"
152 lbs
Top Distance
Top Speed
Sprint Distance

Player History


Woodvale Secondary College

Average Grade


Playing History

2018 - 2019: Balcatta FC U16
2020: Joondalup United U18/U20
2020: Joondalup United U20/U18






2018: 18 games
2019 - 23 games (20 started)
2020 - 14 games (7 started)


Throughout my years playing soccer, I consider my technical abilities such as first touch, passing, through-balls, dribbling and chance creation, defensive pressing and interceptions – as well as sound athleticism and strength to be the defining qualities that I hope coaches will notice and get the best out of in the college I end up transferring to.

My motivation is highly influenced by the potential not only I can see, but by the potential that can be seen by coaches, teammates and the people around me. Being recognised within my family, friends and clubs throughout my history for my ability has been key in motivating me in playing.

With this opportunity, I can use this motivation to give me more confidence and strength in playing my best, as I aim to reach the highest college soccer level. I aim to study media (Sports Media and/or Cinematography) with Physiotherapy or Psychology as my backup. This will allow me to continue to stick to my athletic roots, contributing to the sport in ways other than just playing (e.g. through advertising or helping fellow athletes).

The values I hold when playing will, of course, include teamwork – to have a great relationship and to enjoy playing with the people around me is important. Hard work, tenacity whilst training and playing, a willingness to learn and improve from mistakes to constantly bettering myself are all other factors that I aim to present when in my chosen team. I also want to learn and improve from my team in order to grow and become a stronger college athlete.

An influential sports person I would talk to would be Michael Jordan. After watching 'The Last Dance', witnessing his insane work ethic, I would love to ask how this mindset of constantly winning, outdoing others and working almost non-stop throughout his career never seemed to wither away. How he was able to be consistent with this mindset, despite all the challenges he and other athletes faced that could negatively impact their game – how I can develop a strong and unshakeable character like him.

Cristiano Ronaldo (similarly to Michael Jordan), his training, mindset and consistent values on improving himself are things I seek to improve about myself. Being able to shadow and observe how he trains, eat, recover, etc. I can see how sporting legends continually play to the best of their potential.

During times of pressure, I would use these negative emotions to fuel me in playing even harder. Going back to both Jordan and Ronaldo, having to deal with the pressure, criticism and hate from the media. Both transferred these negative feelings into training and playing even better – using it as motivation to silence the critics. Likewise, I would always remember the people in my life who have found positive qualities in me, and as an athlete, the fuel of pressure would be used as an outlet for even more energy to lift me up.

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