Nick Boudville

Date of Birth


Current Club Team

Floreat Athena Football Club (U18s NPL)

Enrolment Class

Nick is a very intelligent and complete midfielder who has been a staple of the second-tier side, Floreat Athena. Since then, his progress has been linear with lots of room to build upon an extremely solid foundation. Nick is quick with making decisions with the ball at his feet, he handles pressure well, is vocal in the centre, and is technically sound. The young midfielder contributes in both directions of play and can fulfil various roles in the midfield.

Nick is an academic looking to study either Philosophy, Engineering, or perhaps follow in his parents’ footsteps of Medicine. He is eager to learn and improve, making him a joy to work with.

He is eager to learn and improve, making him a joy to work with.
Height Weight Preferred Foot
5ft 7"
132 lbs
Top Distance
Top Speed
Sprint Distance

Player History


Hale High School

Average Grade


Playing History

2018: Maccabi Soccer Club (U15s), Hale School 9A soccer team
2019: Floreat Athena Football Club (U16s), Hale School 10A soccer team + Hale School First XI Team
2020: Floreat Athena Football Club (U18s), Hale School First XI Team






40 games for school
54 games for club


As a soccer player in Australia with aspirations to play in the American college system for a number of years now, the required work ethic and self-motivation are a given. I want to play and study in the US as I see it as a fantastic opportunity to better myself academically and as a player in a setting completely different to mine currently. I'm looking forward to the enhanced competition, facilities, diverse culture and coaching that the American system has to offer. I have a lot to offer as a player – I'm versatile, can play a number of positions and have experience in these positions. I'm a team player and I understand the importance of working as a team. I encourage this mentality as much as possible, and as mentioned before, I have a great work ethic, enjoying every opportunity that I get and making it count.

My current plan for when I go over is to study either Philosophy or Engineering, but things are always changing and these preferences aren't set in stone. I'm extremely open to changes in these preferences and have also considered areas like Biology and Commerce. Although, I genuinely don't have my eyes set on any path as of yet.

If I could have coffee with one influential person, it would have to be Usain Bolt. He was at the top of his sport for years, he's regarded as the fastest man alive, and is generally a successful sportsman. What I'd want to ask him is how he dealt with major and minor setbacks in his career and what his best advice is for me in a sporting sense, as well as in life generally.

Tim Cahill (when he was still playing in his prime). Growing up in Australia and watching him completely dominate at an international stage was always inspiring for me – I've always wanted to meet him and understand how he did it all.

To motivate and calm myself down in pressured situations, I like to do two things.

Firstly, I remember why I'm there – that my team, coaches, and everybody else have confidence in me. That they trust in my ability to do my job, whether it be throughout a game, a free kick, or a penalty kick, reminding me that I should have faith in my own ability. The other thing that I do is look for the support of my teammates and listen to their advice. Often in these high pressure situations I can get caught up and I don’t think straight, so I find that asking for guidance from those around me who aren’t feeling the pressure as much, is important in lifting myself up.

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