What resources do we offer at EASA?

As a fully-fledged US college soccer scouting agency, our practices have been designed on what will drive results in developing player growth and university placement. We are committed to preparing young student-athletes to be college-ready once they receive their admission. The journey up until that point will be guided by us at EASA, retaining player records, maintaining consistency, and building an attractive profile for college recognition.

college recruitment

There are a few steps leading up to admission that are important in ensuring you land a place at a selected college. Each student-athlete will go through the 3-step EASA process for preparation, training, and development.   

Phase 1

Phase 01

  • SAT, ACT, and TOEFL support and guidance (These are college preparatory tests that check for English and math comprehension to ensure college readiness)
  • Goal setting and mentoring
  • EASA custom program (1 p/month for 12 months)
  • Support for NCAA or NAIA clearinghouses
  • Written commitment with EASA
  • Upfront payment or 1st partial payment to EASA
  • PLAYR SmartCoach assistance
Phase 1
Phase 2

Phase 02

  • Personalised Athlete’s profile
  • Personalised video highlights
  • College marketing to all relevant college associations
  • Scholarship scouting (academic and sports)
Phase 2
Phase 3

Phase 03

  • College selection guide
  • Scholarship/offer finalization
  • College application guide
  • National letter of intent support
  • F1 Student VISA & I-I-20 assistance
  • Pre-college guidance (housing, flights, insurance, advice, etc.)
  • Ongoing support including: college transfer, academic and athletic support, and many more.
Phase 3

player development

Our player development structure at the EASA Academy plays an essential role in defining our athlete’s success on and off the field. The type of players that we sign on through our scouting process is of an elite level demonstrating profound technical and athletic ability, tactical awareness, and a mature and driven personality to succeed.

The EASA Academy began in 2018 with the sole purpose to provide individual training programs to student-athletes. These programs are tailored specifically to prepare and develop players seeking to play soccer at the collegiate and/or professional level.


Strategy Development

Planning and development for competitive advantage.

Player Profile and Monitoring

Create an effective profile that will ultimately bring awareness to college coaches. Inclusion of video footage/editing, academics and athletic monitoring.

Game and Performance Analysis

Coaches are available to analyze game footage online and performance by collecting valuable data through PLAYR SmartCoach.

Testing, Admissions and Applications Guidance

SAT/ACT/TOEFL support and guidance. Our team will walk you through each form application for admission into college.


In order to be considered for our training programs, each student-athlete must meet the necessary requirements to proceed.


  • Completing/completed high school
  • Currently studying towards a Bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum ATAR score of 70 or an OP score of 13
  • Currently in year 10, 11, or 12
  • Strong English language skills (or meets TOEFL requirements)


  • Currently playing in the U18/U20 National Premier League or equivalent
  • Semi-pro/amateur league player
  • State and/or National team player
  • A-league youth team player
  • Amateur status
  • High-level Sunday Premier League 
  • Athlete must not have a history of playing professionally (signing a contract and/or paid to play soccer)

we want you

Don’t step down from a path that is made for you

If you’re an ambitious athlete and you possess these qualities:

  • Academic and sporting talent
  • Great character
  • Willingness to work hard
  • The love for travel
  • High level soccer play

What are you waiting for? Let’s play. 

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