Taylor Noack

Date of Birth


Current Club Team

Southside Comets Football Club

Enrolment Class

Where he lacks in height, he makes up in athleticism and explosiveness through his leap. Taylor Noack has been highly regarded as a fearless goalkeeper who typically comes out on top during one-on-one situations. Recently he has been making first-team appearances in between the sticks in Cairns Premier Division. Taylor has gained the attention of the National Premier League team; Cumberland United, who invited him to trial in Adelaide. This comes as no surprise as he has been awarded Far North Queensland’s Youth Goalkeeper of the Year and Club Goalkeeper of the Year 2020 for Southside Comets FC.
Height Weight Preferred Foot
5ft 9"
132 lbs

Player History


Redlynch State College

Average Grade


Playing History

Southside Comets: 15/16 A
Southside Comets: Youth A
Southside Comets: Youth A/Premier Reserves






95 games


In school, I studied multiple subjects within the food industry and endeavour to continue furthering my education within this field. When in a team environment, my motivation to succeed is not just because of my love for the sport, but my ideology that when I play, I strive to have an impact on everyone around me – to help excel the team into a better position than it was the day before. I am dedicated to putting in the effort everyday on and off the field. I’m confident and vocal throughout training and game days, I’m motivated to look after my lifestyle to ensure I can perform the best for the team and I will always offer to help my coaches and teammates wherever I can.

I would choose Jurgen Klopp. His success throughout his career demonstrates the impact of a role model who is loyal to their club. Showing confidence and authority, his own personality rubs off onto the players he’s managed, this is why the teams he has coached are known to have such a physical presence on the field. If I could ask him one question, it would be “if in a room full of players with a similar skill level, what behaviour and personality traits on and off the field would create a standout?”

Manuel Neuer.

From experience playing as a keeper, it has become clear that two of the most important things to do when under pressure is keeping positive no matter what and keeping your mind off of the past. For me, each action I do, I try to break it down into a step-by-step process, this can help with on and off the pitch tasks, whether it’s a goal kick or an assessment.

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